Athyra (1993)

Still on the run from the Jhereg, Vlad stumbles upon a little village where someone is already waiting for him, ready to kill. Told from the perspective of one of the village boys, this book is about Vlad appearing, getting nearly killed and then going after whoever is after him, besides of the Jhereg.

While part of the Vlad series, it’s more a Svan book (the little boy from the village). Sure, Vlad plays are big role in the plot, but one of the reasons while I like this series is reading the books from Vlad’s unique perspective, it’s half the fun. And while Svan is a nice character, he is far from being as interesting and unique as Vlad as the POV. Vlad himself is most of the time unconscious, which I admit would have made for a bad narrator. The plot itself is okay, but a far cry from the complexity of earlier books, and bit slow moving. Overall this feels like Brust wasn’t sure where to go next with Vlad, and tried something new. While I’m all for change before a formula gets stale, I think changing the POV wasn’t the best decision in this case. Still, overall an enjoyable read, even if its not as great as other Vlad novels.