Phoenix (1990)

From nobody else than his own goddess Verra does Vlad gets his next contract. But even the gods can err, and the consequences of this assassination may not only destabilize the whole Dragaeran empire, but even end his own marriage. And if that wouldn’t be enough he has angered a high-ranking Jhereg whose enmity may prove to be very deadly.

While a complete book upon itself, saying that it’s completely self-contained wouldn’t be right. The storyline about the revolution movement that started in Teckla has been picked up again and comes to a head. Also the story threads of how Vlad can work further as an assassin when he has become sour on the job, and whether he and Cawti can fix the cracks in their relationship, are followed upon.

If you liked Teckla, you’ll very much like the plot in Phoenix, if you didn’t care for the whole revolution angle there neither will this book do much for you, at least when the bigger plot is concerned. How Brust solved (ha) Vlads personal problems feels very true, at times you wonder whether you read a fantasy novel or some mainstream novel about people fucking up their personal lives. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you, I liked it.