Dragon (1998)

While his friend Morrolan goes to war with another Dragon, Vlad Taltos enlists in his army to fight as a foot soldier because he’s been angered by Morrolan’s enemy.

At first I thought this book had to be the second, not the third chronologically, since most events take place between book one and two, but alas most Vlad Taltos books are chronologically fuzzy anyway. Reason is, there’s a second storyline that takes place after Yendi, that requires knowledge of the events in Yendi.

More than even in his other books Brust jumps around between different events in time, how Vlad got angered by Morrolan’s enemy, his army experiences, then a piece near the end of the war and then the events after Yendi. It would be hard to make that into a movie, too damn confusing, but as a novel it works beautiful.

It’s interesting to see how smooth the books in this series work together, despite that there are years between they have been written, I haven’t found any glaring continuity errors or sudden character changes, all seems naturally evolved.