Taltos (1988)

Vlad Taltos meets Sethra Lavode and Morrolan for the first time in his life and goes to the Paths of the Dead to recover a lost Dragaeran. Intertwined with this storyline is an account of his past from early childhood and his first years as a criminal and later as an assassin.

One shouldn’t have so much fun reading about the life of an assassin, but that’s exactly what this book is, a fun romp with an excellent plot and great characters. Often when two storylines are intertwined like in this case, one is interesting and the other only there to bloat the book. Thankfully both storylines are interesting to follow, be it how Vlad became the person he is at the begin of the book, or his adventure in the Paths of the Dead. The writing is compelling and very readable, full of wit and dry humor. While not the first published Vlad Taltos book, it’s the first chronologically and a good starting point for this series.