Monstrous Regiment (2003)

The country of Borogravia has a problem, the things their god Nuggan bans become more and more strange, like the color blue, chocolate, babies and sneezing, which makes living under Nuggans decrees more difficult with each day. To its neighboring countries Borogravia is only known as the country that fights with everyone, and when the Ankh-Morporkian clacks are destroyed, an alliance of Anhk-Morpork and Borogravia’s neighbors tries to end this annoyance once and for all.

I expected this to be some kind of anti-war novel beacause of some reviews I read, but it turned out to be more a novel about the emancipation of female soldiers in a backwater country. Toward the end it became a bit silly with all whom turned out to be women in disguise, but I still liked it very much. And it’s always nice to see Pratchett creating a new set of characters in his world.