American Meat (2005)

Sanctioned Op (a kind of bounty hunter in the Dark Future setting) Batton MacKay has to find three intelligence augmented animals, a cat, a dog and a rat. Hunted during his search by a vegetarian biker gang named the Mad Cows, he penetrates deeper and deeper into a conspiracy that has demons, other talking anthromorphic animals that his current employer has designed in the past and the source of the meat that is sold everywhere in this future America.

The bad first. Everything seems a bit shallow, the atmosphere, the characters, who while likable, have a tendency to act more like caricatures than real humans, as if Moore tried to write standard cyberpunk characters, succeeded and then failed to add more depth to them. There are moments when you see him trying to make them deeper, but somehow he can’t pull it off. The plot begins strong, but soon meanders from one event to the next without giving the reader the feeling of some strong narrative developing.

The ending is a bit anti-climatic and weaker than the begin of the book promised, and the whole plotline about Professor Wan could have been given a better resolution than the book offered. Still, all these things said, it’s an easy and fun read that is entertaining most of the time despite its shortcomings.