Eyes of Silver (1998)

Centuries ago a mythical figure known as the Dost controlled an empire with an army that was unmatched in history, but with him gone the empire has fallen apart. Younger nations have quarreled over the remains of the empire, and when a rumor spreads that the Dost might be reborn to reclaim his empire, old conflicts between the nations heat up again and threaten to break out into new wars.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of EoS is plot and characters who are fully overwhelmed by the complex setting Stackpole has created for this fantasy novel. He’s taken some Mongolian elements, Genghis Khan (the Dost), some Russian elements, and created a fascinating and novel fantasy world brimming with much potential for intrigue, plot and adventure.

And yet, the plot falls short of what could have been, the characters never really come to life and the resolution of the book is less than satisfying. Still, it’s an interesting read and the world-building is first class.