Illusion (1991)

Imagine the french revolution transplanted into a fantasy world that is actually very low on the fantasy apart from some magic, and the story of a young, rural girl who arrives in the city of Sherreen to serve at the Queen’s court only to be swept away in the violence that soon rises its head.

If your idea of a pleasant read is to get a detailed account of nearly all the suffering that ensues in the wake of a rerun of the french revolution in a fantasy world, this might be your stuff. I thought the book was extremely tedious. Volsky seems to have been wanting to be so faithful to the source stuff that she forgot to made any form of variation that would have made this more than just a mere copy, it feels like as if she had a checklist of what had to happen next in order to assure the similarity to the real events.

From the beginning you know where the story is going, what happens next, who gets executed, who’ll survive and that the Robespierre look-alike is going batshit crazy, and worse of all it’s one of these books where knowing everything in advance makes reading the book even more pedestrian.