Falling Free (1988)

A space station full of very young, zero-gravity adapted human test subjects becomes obsolete through technological progress. Their teacher, engineer Leo Graf, has to chose between saving their lives or his own career.

This takes place in the same setting as Bujold’s Vorkosigan books, only ca. 200 years ealier. What makes these kids (they are called quaddies) ideal for zero-gravity can be seen on the book cover, they have two more arms where standard humans have two legs. I liked the idea of the quaddies, but they were underused and only needed for the lame evil-company-goes-after-poor-quaddies plotline.

And after you’ve read the synopsis on the back of the book you know exactly where the story is going, there’s no plot twist to make the book more interesting. The core conflict is the common good versus bad guys (no gray shades) without the fast pacing and action that makes reading books with such a simple viewpoint worthwhile. It’s a far cry from her other books in the same universe.