The Black Jewels trilogy (1998-1999)

In a slightly non-standard fantasy world (divided into three separate dimensional realms) where a matriarchate of dominatrixes rules, the society of one realm has been slowly corrupted by the bad guys, but a young girl is destined to become the next major force of magic, and after surviving some nasty tribulations and much soul-searching on the part of her followers, they rise to the challenge.

This trilogy is so bad on so many levels that I nearly don’t know where to begin. Most people love David versus Goliath stories, because people can identify with the small people and their struggles against overwhelming forces. But when the good guys overpower the bad guys by many magnitudes, you’ll wonder why exactly they need 1200 pages to kick butt. Explanation: they are completely incompetent.

Not that you’ll get that impression from reading the book, there the good guys are described as perfection in looks as in character. After reading pages and pages of how cool and perfect the good guys are, you’ll really begin to hate them. But the good guys are not the only cardboard characters, so are the bad guys. You’ll pity them from the beginning, because you’ll never believe they even have the slightest chance of winning. Tension and real conflict went out of the window early on. Are there any redeeming qualities? Not really.

The writing is very clunky, and the setting which seemed interesting at first is drowned in all the other crap. You never get a sense that this is a real world, just odd pieces stitched together to look cool. Not be the worst stuff I’ve ever read, but it comes close.