Good News From Outer Space (1989)

The year 2000 is imminent, and the world seems to go crazy with millenium fever. And one reporter thinks he is on the trail of the biggest story ever, aliens really walk among us.

Kessel is clearly a good writer, GNFOS is a very readable book, one that entertains and amuses the whole time, always swaying from biting humor to attempts at seriousness and back. Yet in the end I asked myself, what’s the damn point. The book covers the stories of a diverse group of people before the arrival of the millenium, hints at the fact that aliens might indeed be walking among us, builds up tension the whole time, and then the book just ends without explaining any of the strange things that have happened. GNFOS has one of these anti-climatic endings that doesn’t go anywhere, which normally makes me very fast go sour on a book. Oddly enough, I still liked the book to a certain extent.