The Truth (2000)

Another attempt to dethrone the patrician of Ankh-Morpork gets entangled with the rise of the press (the invention of movable type has made it possible).

Some early Discworld books introduced concepts like movies or hard rock, and the outcome was the opening of gates to dimensions with beings that were a threat to reality itself. In the end the danger was averted and the new concepts introduced to the Discworld were shunned. This book does not follow these conventions.

It’s like the difference between techno thrillers and science fiction books, both introduce something new and dangerous, but whereupon at the end of most techno thrillers the change is averted and the status quo restored, in science fiction the world is changed and people have to learn to live with the new technology and all its positive and negative consequences. The Truth is like that, the press is neither seen as completely positive or negative, but it’s there and people have to live with it. Better to ride a wave than to be swept aside.