The Fifth Elephant (1999)

Commander Vimes plays ambassador for Ankh-Morpork in Uberwald and has to deal with a conspiracy of werewolves and dwarves who want to return to the “good old days” (good only for those who think the past is way better than the present, and who don’t like change much).

Excellent novel by Pratchett like always. The Night Watch books are always a little darker than the rest of the Discworld books, and this is no exception. Sure, most of the killing and dying is done off the stage, but it’s very clear that the men in the clacks tower (another element of the modernization of the Discworld, a mix of telegraph and e-mail system) for example died a gruesome and lonely death at the hands of the werewolves.

Pratchett makes them really threatening, even if you know that they can’t win in the end, since what they fight is the modernization of the Discworld, and change is something you can hardly stop, once it has started. But they still try, because people are people, even when they’re werewolves.