Hunting On Kunderer (1973)

The Wandervogel (a spaceship) stops at Kunderer and some of the people who came with the ship go hunting in it’s jungle. Later the captain of the ship follows them to find out if one of them had sabotaged it at the port before Kunderer, something that has been found out only after the party had left for the jungle. Meanwhile, the alien in the hunting party uses his human concubine to learn more about human relationships by letting her seduce the other members of the hunting party.

The setting was interesting, a richly populated galaxy with many different alien races and a four thousand year old, intricate human history, full of galactic exploration, expansion and conflict. Sadly the book squandered that potential by not really using the rich background, it’s only about a party of characters going hunting on an alien world and some unremarkable events happen.

All the action was mostly character driven, but the problem was that at that time in his career Barton’s writing wasn’t yet at the level of his later novels and so even that didn’t worked so well. The book showed traces of what would be the defining elements in most of Barton’s later fiction, sex, gloomy moments and characters who were neither black or white, what it most of all lacked was a better plot.