A Hat Full of Sky (2004)

While Tiffany Aching is en route to begin her apprenticeship in witchery, something is following, something that can’t be killed, that is as old as the universe itself and that won’t stop until it has taken over Tiffany completely and remade her into something else. Something cold, nasty and wretched.

When you think Pratchett can’t surprise you anymore, he writes something like when the creature following Tiffany, the hiver, tells her about human nature, how it wonders that we can face infinity, life and the universe itself, and still be bored, and what he says rings all-too-true and makes you stop and think. Pratchett always has these moments, when he shows his astute power of observation of human nature, but unlike many he can wrap these into entertaining stories with interesting characters.

Or when for example Granny Weatherwax reopens the door to Death’s realms and defies rules that she hasn’t approved of, and you feel yourself gleefully grinning, because just a moment before you expected something completely different would happen next, but what has happened is much better.

Yes, this is another excellent book by Pratchett. I don’t know how he does it, writing one great book after another, but as long as I have fun with them, I don’t care.