Voice of the Whirlwind (1987)

A clone has to solve the murder of his first version, but since his memories are years out of date, at first he needs to find out what has happened after his predecessor’s last brain recording.

Originally not intended as a sequel to Hardwired, after only minor changes VotW took place in the future of Hardwired. The world has moved on since the events of Hardwired, and mankind has advanced into deep space. But it’s not for exploration’s sake, it’s all for corporate interests. And the stakes are higher than ever in human history, since the corporate mercenaries fight over alien artifacts.

VotW was one of the few books that combined outer space and cyberpunk, whereupon most other cyberpunk books took solely place on earth. It had an excellent story with many unexpected twists and some cool sfnal concepts. Compared to Hardwired it also had better characterization, where the former was non-stop action all the time, VotW had its slow moments that allowed for some reflective thoughts on the part of the main character.

One thought on “Voice of the Whirlwind (1987)

  1. NoireLion says:

    Voice of the Whirlwind, Hardwired, Aristoi- all of WJW books are slamming. Hardwired is so awesome – it ranks with Dune1, Hyperion, Foundation and Neuromancer, Starship Troopers as a must read- 1st Tier Scifi/Fantasy novel.
    Walter Jon Williams, Zelazny, Herbert, Gibson and Heinlein…. just plain Masters of the word.
    I hated reading them because they were so well written- I ate them in a night or two’s orgasmic literary pleasure. I can’t help it- I try and stretch it out- but I get consumed when reading these guys. And then I read them over and over year after year…. I read this 22 years ago- reading it again -right now and it always seems so hot and fresh.
    I want more.

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