Axiomatic (1995)

This is simply put the best single author collection I ever read, in terms of quality and quantity. There is not one story that is weak, every one of them has a highly original idea at their heart and always takes the exploration of this idea to its logical conclusion, without ever wavering from any possible consequences, however daring they might be.

A man who is seemingly always the same, over an infinite array of alternate worlds, a man who has grown up in the bodies of many other people, questions of morality and philosopical musings crash into reality through the help of modern technology. Reading this collection can be a mind expanding experience, and there’s a reason why I personally think that Egan’s fiction was some of the best published in the 90ths, and Egan’s the most important new writer. He asked and sometimes tried to answer questions with his fiction that nobody else had asked before, he opened areas of thought not many were comfortable with, and he had a spin on things that was completely unique and original. And this collection is a showcase for that.