The Flying Sorcerers (1971)

An astronaut crash-lands on a world and comes into conflict with the shaman of the local tribe. When the shaman destroys his ship, and all think the astronaut has died, the tribe has to evacuate to a new place because the ship’s destruction had made their place uninhabitable. There they find that the astronaut not only has survived, but that he has become the local shaman of another tribe. To get rid of him, they help him in his attempt to contact his mother ship.

TFS wasn’t my thing, the main reason for that was the fact there wasn’t any character I really cared for, both the shaman and the astronaut were dicks, and the POV character was uninteresting. The story was not really exciting, and the major elements were obvious from the begin, the conflict between the astronaut and the shaman, their inevitable cooperation. Overall a completely unexciting novel.