The Sky Lords trilogy (1988-1991)

In the future, Earth is ravaged and devastated by strange plant-life, fungi, plagues, and many more biological weapons, remnants from the last war. Humans on Earth survive in small ground communities, and on mighty airships that never touch the ground.

Those who control the airships call themselves the Sky Lords, they demand tribute from the ground dwellers and live like kings. But the situation of the ground dwellers grows worse, the bio-contamination spreads and is harder to fight with each passing year, and soon there might be no ground communities from whom the Sky Lords could demand tribute, and they need the tribute to survive themselves.

A delightful little trilogy whose strongest point is probably the depiction of a post-apocalyptic world that is devastated not by atomic but by bio-weapon fallout. There were times when the story seemed to treat water without going forward, but often there was enough action to distract from that, still, the plot could have been tighter. Something I thought was impressive was one of the antagonists, who was so ambivalent to the plot that I was never sure whether I should root for him or damn him.

Overall the trilogy was good fun, had some unexpected and cool plot twists, and a very satisfying and thoughtful ending.

2 thoughts on “The Sky Lords trilogy (1988-1991)

  1. Sarah says:

    This is the greatest trilogy of all time. I got suggeted to read it by my dad.. I have read all 3 books maybe 50 or 60 times. It is fantastic. Yes, i think GOOD accurate movie of skylord need to happen. It really flips you around to think about it how the world “will” end up.. And Milo Haze is the most awesome accruate character ever made.
    i am in love with it and you been to get your hand on the 2nd and 3rd it is amazing.

    (lol) the 3 books i stole from my dad when i moved out Sky Lords and Milo of moari.. it is also a really good read.


  2. Nicolas says:

    :) Aaah, it’s good to see some fans of the Sky Lords. The trilogy is brilliant indeed. I’ve read it when I was 3rd or 4th grade, I’m lik 25 now and I still read it, every 1-2 years…One can only wander how John Brosnsan has come up with so many ideas that are so relevant today ( take for example the genome project and the advance of biotechnology )And Sarah, yes, Milo is one of the most complex, credible and “human” characrter ever created. You should thank your dad a million times :). And finaly – I totally want to see a movie based on the books, although I’d not trust anyone to direct it but me :P

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