Fire in Winter tetralogy (1989-1992)

For centuries people with gold-colored eyes and strange abilities (telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, … ) have been born and hidden themselves from the rest of humanity, for fear of prosecution, but in the 20th century they have revealed themselves to the public. Years later, when a prominent mutant politician is murdered, the conflict between the mutant minority and the rest of humanity is again in the spotlight.

What we get over the course of the four book series is a family saga from the point of view of different generations, a story about a jesus-like supermutant and the religion that comes into existence in his wake, and all the X-Men-like conflicts of mutants who have to live in world full of people who often hate and fear them. If Haber had been a better writer, this could have turned out to be a very entertaining and even excellent series, what we get is a readable series that left me less that excited and more often than not bored.

That’s not to say the books are complete failures, but too often I felt the plot was contrived, the characters cliche and potential got wasted.