The Quiet Pools (1990)

Project Diaspora aims to build STL generation ships. The project is being attacked by a group called Homeworld, who fear that the project is draining Earth of too much resources, both in money but more importantly in manpower, because only the best and brightest are chosen. The Homeworld movement thinks that after the ships will depart, Earth’s society will be irreparable damaged. The historian of the Diaspora project tries to find out the true reason for it, and discovers that the worst fears of the Homeworld movement might be true.

Another book I wanted to like, but couldn’t stand in the end. It wasn’t my problem with the underlying idea behind the whole project, the dark secret. There have been books where the whole concept was also completely gonzo and I still enjoyed them. It’s more that the whole book feels like a setup for the truly interesting things, the book is all about the start of something big.

Which, if done right, can be a good canvas for telling small stories about people and their dreams, stories that are touching and emotional. I think the author tried that, but I thought his characters were boring and annoying, the writing unappealing and the book just not very entertaining. I say give the book a chance, the writing style might be your thing, for me it sadly wasn’t.