Wolf and Iron (1990)

After civilization has collapsed, the iron years have begun, a time when only the strong will survive. Scientist “Jeebee” Walther foresaw the collapse, but could do nothing to stop it. Now he seeks a refugee where he can survive, and where he can help to save knowledge for future generations, to fight the worst of the coming Dark Age.

One of the most realistic depictions of a collapsed world and the everyday endeavors to survive. Alas, realism not always a good story makes, and while realistic, this book was most of the time boring. It wasn’t very hard to guess all the plot elements in advance, everything was predictable and since the writing was more on the tepid end, it didn’t made for an easy reading. The ending also was inevitable, a realistic book like this doesn’t allow for heroes saving the world, only survival and a small hope for a better future. If you happen to like realistic survivalist fiction, this might be your wet dream, but for the rest it went on far too long without a good payback in narrative terms.