Shadows Fall (1994)

Shadows Fall is the place where all the creatures of imagination go, when they have been forgotten. Over all thrones Father Time, and his minion Jack Fetch, they are the law in the city. But something is wrong, since their unwritten law that nobody gets murdered has been repeatedly broken, somehow someone is going around killing. At that time a man named James Hart comes back to Shadows Fall, he lived there once as a kid, his mission is to find out what happened to his family. But his appearance is an omen for the fall of the city itself, something James doesn’t even know.

The begin of the story is excellent, similar in tone to works by writer like Gaiman and Barker, that fuse the modern world with fantasy. James tries to find out who is the murder and why Jack Fetch, the minion of Father Time hasn’t stopped him, and it’s all very pleasant to read. But in the middle of the book something goes wrong, an external sect invades the city and the rest of the book describes the war between the sect and the people of Shadows Fall.

It’s one bloody fight until the end of the book, the mystery of the murders gets solved near the end like an afterthought and the ending itself is just a big, annoying deus ex machina. If Green had left out the whole plot with the sect, he could have had a really great book on his hands, but this one is a mix of a good first part with a second parts that’s an ugly mess. The result isn’t very satisfying.