Shadow Warrior (1996-1997)

The war with the alien race known as Al’ar has been won and is over for a decade now, but veteran Joshua Wolfe, known as the Shadow Warrior, for he has learned their killing arts, wants to know the origins of the Al’ar. He tries to find out more about them, and finds something worse than the Al’ar in the process. It’s a danger that followed the Al’ar from the universe whence they came from and now it’s out to destroy all life in our universe, like it did there.

Uninspired trilogy that has neither entertaining action sequences, nor interesting character interaction, nor anything resembling an original setting. The boring plot meanders through the three books from plot chunk to plot chunk, going through subplots that don’t advance the story at all and feel like padding, leaves all secondary characters behind (woman all the time) after each part of the trilogy to give Joshua Wolfe the chance to meet someone else in the next book, but also stopping any chance of growth in any of the characters. The main character is as wooden is all the secondary or even less important characters, he doesn’t even convince as an archetypal action hero without growth, he feels more like a puppet that the author drags from event to event, doing this and that until he has reached the end of the trilogy and the author releases him from his responsibilities.

The Wind After Time (1996)
Hunt the Heavens (1996)
The Darkness of God (1997)