The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear (1999)

The book covers the early life of the main character, a bear who has blue fell and 27 lives. The world he’s living in is roughly our Earth, with some continents you have never seen on any globe, particularly the continent of Zamonia, where most adventures of the bluebear take part.

The book has a very episodic structure, one episode for each of the 13½ lives described in the book. I couldn’t do justice to the many things that happen to bluebear, let’s just say that they are adventurous, funny, imaginative, outlandish, amazing and unbelievable. It’s like a modern version of The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen. And while it’s more directed toward kids, most adults can enjoy it too. The main character, the bluebear, has a strong narrative voice that pulls the reader into his strange adventures and his strange world with all it’s rescue dinosaurs, frozen illusions and talking waves. It was so over-the-top at times, that it bordered on being silly, yet this didn’t stop me from enjoying it.