The Last Continent (1998)

A new book with Rincewind as the main character. He happens to find himself on the continent of XXX, last made of all continents. Through his arrival he set events in motion that can only mean bad things, bad for the people of XXX, but worse for him. To make things right, he has to become the hero of XXX and save them, and since Rincewind’s main quality is to run away, we see him trying to run away from this obligation nearly the whole time. At the same time the wizards of the Unseen University of Ankh-Morpork try to find Rincewind himself, only to be lost in the past of the Discworld, not far away from the continent of XXX.

Not a bad book, quite funny in parts and it’s always good to see some new parts of the Discworld and to see Rincewind again, but the overall story is rather weak. It feels as if things happen for the sole reason of things happening, not for bringing the plot along or making sense at all.