The Quorum (1994)

Three of a quartet of four friends get a hellish offer. If they make the life of the fourth hell on earth, they will always be successful in life, money, power or love guaranteed. They accept, and while the three achieve everything they have dreamed of, their friend fails, always and every time, thanks to their help. But if they should somehow fail to make their part of the bargain, they have to pay the price for it.

Great concept and good writing, yet the book wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be. The ending was rather weak, without a good solution of the story, or better said, it was very anticlimactic, more like a moral lesson. Also I disliked that in the end it wasn’t really important who of the four was the victim, since all of them would have taken up the offer to destroy their chosen friend in exchange for wealth and success, says the one who has made the offer. Since we don’t know whether the victim in another situation had chosen like his three friends to torment for personal gain, it takes away from the novel to say that he would have. If the ending of the book had been better I might have liked it more than I have.