Being Gardner Dozois (1991)

This is a book lenght interview of or a discussion with Dozois by Swanwick, where they talk about every short story Gardner has written until the book was made. The book has a very limited appeal, namely only those people who have in fact read the short stories discussed (okay, it might also appeal to people who secretly stalk Gardner Dozois and want to know everything about him, but I think that group is even smaller than those people who read his short stories).

But for those who have, the book is a real treat, its just fun to follow those two writers talk about writing and the stories, and even funnier when you see that Gardner tries to be realistic and modest about his stories (and at times very critical of his own writing), while Swanwick clearly admires the writer Dozois and tries to find even the good part of a bad story. Funny, informative and just plain entertaining.