Bad Dreams (1990)

Anne Nielson tries to find out more about the strange suicide of her sister, but what she finds is much more than she had bargained for. Something old and evil had once destroyed her father during the Hollywood HUAC hearings during the McCarthy era, and now he tries to kill the rest of the family of the man he destroyed in the past. Anne’s sister was the first, but the monster isn’t satisfied yet.

The writing was good, Newman is very capable, but two things made this book hard to like for me. First, the main character never came to life in my eyes, I never cared what happened to her. Second, since parts of the novel were told from the perspective of the monster, there was no real mystery about him. The parts in the past that told the reader about the backstory of the monster were interesting, sure, but I think they backfired, because they made the monster less scary and mysterious. The end had some clever bits, like who came to help Anne fight the monster in the end, but overall I thougth this was one of Newman’s weaker efforts.