Orphans trilogy (2002-2004)

Backcover Synopsis: In the early 22nd century, humans have shed their bodies to travel through space. Produced through nanotechnology, their electronic reproductions, known as engrams, have been sent on fact-finding missions throughout the known universe…

But what they find is beyond anything they hoped. Aliens, soon named Spinners, give them gifts containing marvelous new technology and knowledge. But soon it shows that humanity has to pay a heavy price for those gifts, a second race of aliens, named Starfishs, begins an extermination campaign against humanity. And it looks like the gifts are what brought the deadly aliens upon the humans.

What we have here is a modern Space Opera, it takes the grand battles and conflicts from old Space Operas, but updates them with a hefty dose of characterization and modern cosmology/science/technology concepts. The trilogy has two problems. One, it stretches the content too much that during the second book I felt that the story was moving way to slow.

On the other hand it could be said that this allowed the author duo to develop the characters more. But what is really annoying is the cop-out ending, neither are we told the true nature of the Spinners and the Starfish, nor what the hell exactly did happen in the end and how the conflict has come to an end, if it has at all. All we get are some interesting theories and some vague hints, which proves to be very frustrating after expecting something more tangible.