Memory, Sorrow & Thorn (1988-1993)

Young kitchen boy Simon has become apprentice to the mage Morgenes and his future seems set, until the old king dies and his evil son Elias takes control of the throne. Elias, who hates his brother Joshua (the good prince), has imprisoned mentioned brother. When Simon finds Joshua one day and with the help of Morgenes frees him, he sets in motion the wheels of fate. His master Morgenes got himself killed, while Joshua and Simon flee, only to find out after long journeys and many trials that an evil power even worse than Elias is working behind the stage to find a way back into the world.

The setting was detailed, but not very original, common elves, dwarves and even some dragons. The characters left me cold, they were okay, but I can’t say I felt with them. I enjoyed the first part of the first book, but sadly not much of the rest. The big weakness of the trilogy for me was the extremely slow moving plot, I was too often bored and reading on felt like hard work. The whole plot could have used some tightening, the pacing would have benefited tremendously, as would have my enjoyment of reading it.

The Dragonbone Chair (1988)
Stone of Farewell (1990)
To Green Angel Tower: Siege (1993)
To Green Angel Tower: Storm (1993)

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  1. maho says:

    ‘some dragons’ ?? you havent read the book at all and youre giving the book a weak point.

    EDITED due to assholish behavior

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