The Tower of Fear (1989)

After the killing of the evil wizard Nakar the Abomination, the city of Qushmarrah is under the rule of the Herodians. But resistance is brewing, even if the normal people don’t care for the evil wizard who ruled them in the past or their new rulers from afar, or the people who want to free the city from the Herodian occupation. What they want is to live in peace, not having to care about the political struggles of the high and mighty, but when someone begins to steal children in Qushmarrah, all that is threatened.

Like in his other Cook books most characters were gray. Neither were the Herodians the bad ones nor the resistance the good ones. One of the most memorable characters of the book was a Qushmarrahan who once had betrayed the city, and may have caused the fall of the defense against the Herodians, and another one was a crook who worked for the real evil behind everything, yet I hoped that he would achieve his goals because he also was in his own ways likable. Apart from the characters, the book had a good story whose only weakness were some slow passages. I’m not sure why it wasn’t perfect, all the parts for a great story were there. One reason might be that I prefer a one-person narrative over changing POVs. Still, a good book.