Kushiel’s Legacy (2001-2003)

If you don’t like sex in your books, you won’t like these three. Imagine an alternate Earth where gods really exist and magic is real. One of these gods has founded the nation of Terre d’Ange, where love and sex is very deeply ingrained into the culture, where to be a whore is to have the most respectable profession, and every form of sex and love is accepted. The main heroine of these three novels is Phedre no Delaunay, a choosen of the god Kushiel with the gift to find lust through pain. One of the best fantasy trilogies of recent years, an imaginative new setting, an interesting main character, action, romance and adventure. It’s a very absorbing read.

When the story begins we’re told of how Phedre has grown up, raised by a nobleman, trained in history, languages and politics to work as spy, using her mind and her body to get the knowledge she seeks. Later she discovers a conspiracy in the highest circles of power, that conspire to work together with the barbarians from Skaldia, to overthrow the young queen of Terre d’Ange.

And worst of all, one of the traitors is an old friend of Phedre’s trainer. In the second novel she finds out that those who tried to overthrow the queen had a backup plan. After the events of the first two novels ten peaceful years go by, until Phedre’s main enemy, the traitor who was the driving force behind the conspiracies seeks her help. Her son is missing, and she believes only Phedre is capable of bringing him back. But Phedre has also a mission of her own, to find the name of God to free her oldest friend from an ancient curse.

Kushiel’s Dart (2001)
Kushiel’s Chosen (2002)
Kushiel’s Avatar (2003)