A Requiem for Homo Sapiens (1993-1998)

Despite the fact that his father Mallory Ringess (main character of the book Neverness) has found one of the reasons why the stars are exploding, others are still unknown. Mallory’s son Danlo, later to be known as Danlo Peacewise, tries to enter the Order of the Mystical Mathematicians in the first book of this trilogy, and when he achieves his goal of becoming a pilot, goes on a quest to find the reason why the Vild is still expanding, why the stars are still exploding. Later, in the third book of the trilogy Danlo comes back home, but an old friend of his has perverted the truth Danlo’s father discovered about the Elder Eddas and shaped it into a new religion that threatens to destroy not only the Order of the Mystical Mathematicians or even the Civilized Worlds of mankind, but the whole galaxy itself.

Mallory Ringess was a character who wasn’t easy to like, many hard edges, full of arrogance and doubt. His son is a completely different character, sort of a saint, but a saint who learns that being a saint can be a very hard thing to be. While the new trilogy hasn’t the same impact like Neverness had, since the stage is already set, the follow-up trilogy is still great in its own way.

While I wished that Danlo hadn’t been as saintly all the time as he was written, he was an interesting character compared to his father. There is one major philosophical difference to Neverness. The message there was, that man is just a step to something greater, in the new trilogy the message is, the search for becoming a godlike entity by abandoning the human shell is a dead end, the trilogy is less a requiem than a return to what makes us human.

The Broken God (1993)
The Wild (1995)
War in Heaven (1998)