The Creatures of Man (2003)

Myers died too young and so we will never know whether he would have improved or stayed on the level of the stories presented in this collection. He was an idea guy (quirky, gonzo ideas, not the hard SF kind), but too many of his stories rely too much on explaining the point of the story at the end. On the other hand, his writing was engaging, and reading his stories was fun.

The book has two parts, first came the stand alone stories, which I liked more, after that came stories all set in the same far future setting. I thought the whole concept of the Econo-War in the form it was used not very believable. Most of the time I felt how the humans were portrayed was overly simplifying human behavior, and the plots relied to much on the heavily telegraphed meaning from author space. In the end, Myers had some interesting ideas, but he had not yet the skills of plotting and characterization to match his wild imagination.