Spares (1996)

Backcover Synopsis: Spares – human clones, the ultimate health insurance. An eye for an eye, but some people are doing all the taking. Spares – the story of Jack Randall: burnt-out, dropped out, and with a zero credit rating at the luck bank. After five years lying low on a Spares Farm, looking after inmates that can’t even spell luck, he is finally faced with a chance at redemption … if he, and spares, can run fast enough.

The second novel of Smith deploys nearly the same mix of genres (fantasy, science fiction & detective fiction) as the first did, and is equally successful. Which of the two novels is better is hard to say, but I though Spares had a slightly better pacing, but overall the two are nearly perfect books. All that was true for the first is true for the second, it’s as if reading a dream, it only works if you can get into it, but then it’s a truly magnificent ride.