Earthling (1997)

This novel is made up of three interlocking parts, the first is the short story “The Robot’s Twilight Companion”, in which a robot becomes sentient and sees the breakdown of human civilization, the second part deals with the travels of one of those who where born after the breakdown and shows us that civilization is slowly rebuilding. The third part is about a strange alien threat to humankind, and their ingenious solution to fight it, at a time after humans have in some ways even surpassed the culture before the breakdown. They go to other worlds, yet not by spaceflight, and how they go is tied to the alien threat and how they fight it.

Not bad, Daniel’s writing is good like always. It’s partly a post-doomsday book, but I like it because it shows civilization climbing back up. The book has some great concepts, how they stopped the alien threat in the third part, and what the threat actually was, and I liked the idea how the humans went to other worlds. It feels more like a collection of three stories, than a novel, but it’s still very good.