Dore Konstantin 1-2 (1998-2000)

Dore Konstantin has to solve the murder of a young man while he was immersed in virtual reality, and the more she investigates, she finds clues that his murder may have happened where it could not have, or should not have, namely in virtual reality. In her next case Konstantin, now chief officer in charge of TechnoCrime, Artificial Reality Division, has to find out if the rich Hastings Dervish really has changed place with an AI, has transcended his original form, his human body now inhabited by the former AI.

Well, the positive thing that can be said about the two books is that Cadigan is an excellent writer, her prose flows and is easy to read. But sadly the plot of the two books is lacking. We only see Dore running around endlessly in virtual worlds and learning the rules of how people behave in virtual realities, until the novels at one point just stop and resolve the cases with some lame explanation about what was ‘really’ going on.

Regarding that method, the second novel is worse than the first, but not by far. What I would have liked to see in the second book is Dore in conflict with Dervish, his reason for uploading himself and his plans for the future, what we get is something much more mundane and again Dore running around in some lame and uninteresting virtual realities. Overall, two books that have an interesting idea at their core, but didn’t go anywhere with it.

Tea from an Empty Cup (1998)
Dervish is Digital (2000)