Demons (2002)

Backcover: In a future uncomfortably close to the present day, the apocalypse has surpassed all expectations. Hideous demons roam the streets in an orgy of terror, drawing pleasure from torturing humans as sadistically as possible. Ira, a young San Fransicso artist, becomes invovled with a strange group of scientists and philosophers desperately trying to end the bloody siege. But the most shocking revelation is yet to come….

The book has two parts, the first is after the demons have appeared and overrun the world (this has already been previously published as a stand-alone book), the second happens some time after this apocalypse has been dealt with, and involves again the same demons. I liked both parts, the characters were okay, the plots moved swiftly and were interesting. The revelation about where the demons came from and why was really good, something I hadn’t seen coming.