A Good Old-Fashioned Future (1999)

The futures collected here are far from being old-fashioned, neither of those would or could have been written in the Golden Age of SF. “Maneki Neko” shows how an alternate economy can infuriate those who are unable to adapt to or even understand it. The Chattanooga stories are quite good too, their only weakness is their heavy reliance on clever ideas over plot & characters (“Deep Eddy” didn’t worked very well for me, since the parts in Germany were not very convincing).

“Sacred Crow” is one of those stories that show India as a coming superpower, playing the SF game to guess the next global superpower. “Big Jelly” was strange, the story had an interesting idea, but I seldomly find collaborations as strong as those written by just one author. And another Leggy Starlitz story, okay, but I prefer Sterling’s SF.