The Wizard of Anharitte (1973)

On the backwards world of Roget lives a man people call the sorcerer of Anharitte, known as Imaiz Dion-daizan. He uses technology to make the primitive people of Roget believe that he is a mighty sorcerer who wields powerful magic. But that is a problem for Tito Ren, an agent of the Free Traders from the galactic Federation, who have an interest of their own in Roget and fear that Dion might disrupt their profitable, commercial operations there. Tito tries to stop him, but every attempt to stop the sorcerer are thwarted. When even a warship has been destroyed by Dion, it dawns on Tito that Dion is much more than he has expected him to be.

Good novel about the different ways how a technological advanced culture would interact with a lesser developed one. When the reader realizes the real implications of what Dion is doing on Roget, it’s hard not to feel pity for Tito. To an extend the novel is similar in theme to “The Inhabited Island” by the Strugatsky brothers, even the way how the twist at the end of the story redefines the actions of the main characters in the greater context (despite that those two novels display diametrically opposed strategies for uplifting). A fast paced novel which combines the right amound of action together with an interesting story.