Picoverse (2002)

Backcover Synopsis: In the early twenty-first century, a team of scientists has done the impossible – ripped apart the fabric of space-time and created a brand new universe…one million-millionth the size of our own. Now, they’re going to see where it takes them.

Picoverse is one of the very few books that mixes hard SF ideas with the breathtaking pacing of an action blockbuster movie, sprinkled with some light romance and neat characters. At times I wondered whether the story would hold up till the end, yet it did, at least for me. There are some very whacky and zany moments, and I think you either love or hate the book. The ending was interesting, as were some plot twists (some were predictable, some absolutely not), and I really liked some of Metzgers ideas. There were questions I had that weren’t really answered at the end (and I really would have liked to see the answers), but it wasn’t important enough to bother me too much, like such things occasionally do in other books, because the whole book worked so well.