The Stars My Destination (1956)

Gully Foyle has been left behind to die on a starship. He wants back to Earth to take revenge on the one person who could have saved him, and didn’t. But to do this, he has to change, from a passive old into someone who is able to overcome any challenge.

The best known Bester novel, one of the all-time greats of SF. A society deeply changed by the rise of teleportation and an inner Sol system colonized by man. It’s hard to describe the density of the world building of the novel, the intensity of the fictional reality. Part of it may be connected to the obsession of the main character for revenge, the whole feels at times like a fever dreams, never rest, never stops. Something is always happening, plots twists that let the story change course, or little bits about the well-crafted background are revealed. Even after many decades this book hasn’t lost any of its energy and drive.