Technogenesis (2002)

Backcover Synopsis: In the future, all human interaction takes place on the Net. Nerve-induction jewelry keeps people connected 24/7. The Net provides access to global information, entertainment, and instant communication. Loneliness is a thing of the past – and so is privacy.

The begin of the novel was a little slow. The main heroine somehow can’t access the net, discovers the world of the net-less and that somehow through the connected people something is watching her, something that must originate from the Net. At first I thought the novel would be about discovering who is watching her, and trying to convince other people and then the whole world of this danger. Thankfully after the slow beginning is over it gets much better, we discover who or what is watching her and then the plot twists into a much more interesting direction, that nonetheless follows logically from what came before. The book has romance, action and some cool ideas, an excellent plot and the ending was quite satisfying.