Murder in the Solid State (1996)

Backcover Synopsis: David Sanger, an ambitious young physicist, attends a party at which a pompous older scientist, who just happens to have thwarted the younger man’s innovative ideas, is murdered. Suddenly it is not just David’s career, but his life that is at stake. Are his ideas that important? Who’s out to stop David from changing the world?

The plot was good, the pacing good, yet I had to force myself many times to read on. Why? Because the main character was just so damn annoying, being a living stereotype of a scientist, brilliant when it came to his science, extremely stupid when it came to everything else. There where times when I wanted to choke him for acting so naive (stupid). The book has some good scenes, the part in virtual NEVERland were the ones I liked most, and the stuff about the nanotech was also good.

The book is rather scarce on science fictional ideas, I hoped to see more nanotech of the dawn of the nanotech era than what was in the book in the end, the core of the book is more about future politics than future technology. The ending felt slightly contrived to me and didn’t worked well. It might be interesting for those who like near future SF.