City of Diamond (1996)

Backcover Synopsis: It has been six centuries since the alien Curosa imparted the wisdom of their dying race to Adrian Sawyer, gifting him and his millions of disciples with three massive intergalactic city-ships to spread the Curosa Truth across the starways. But over time these ships strayed from their original missionary purpose, and the two largest, City of Diamond and City of Opal, become embroiled in a vicious struggle for political dominance.

Ah, the pain one feels knowing that this book probably will never get a sequel. Sure, everything is possible and Doris Egan is still alive, but she has to earn money, and which publisher would want to publish a sequel to a book that has already gone out of print. If the book had been less good, then I wouldn’t be as annoyed as I am now. The story of City of Diamond gets a sort of closure, but the bigger story isn’t finished at all and I really wanted to know what happens next.

The book shines with great characters, a clear and fluid prose that is just fun to read and an interesting plot. Sure, it’s not terrible original, neither the plot itself or the background, but it does use old SF tropes to the best effect, has exactly the right ammount of action, suspense and character growth to make the reader want more.