Aggressor Six (1994)

An alien armada destroys world after world in human space, and the only way to avoid the complete destruction of the human race is to understand how they think, and why they’re doing what they’re doing.

I just don’t buy it. I know, aliens should be strange and mysterious and alien, but here the premise is that the aliens both have more advanced tech than the humans, yet are so stupid and deadlocked in their ways that they sacrifice whole civilizations to find out whether other species behavior really is different from their own. I wonder how they discovered space travel, by slinging other waisters into the air? The book has its good parts, seeing how the humans tried to transform themselves into something alien was quite intriguing to read.

The overall mood of the novel was very bleak, and McCarthy was very good at conveying the feeling of growing pressure on the group that tried to understand the waisters, since time was running out for them and humanity. But since I had a hard time taking the premise, as a whole the book didn’t worked for me, added to that was my feeling that it felt like a short story stretched to novel length.