A Mouthful of Tongues (2002)

Violated and hurt by people all around her, main character Kerry Hackett snaps and breaks into a compartment of her work that is unknown to most and houses an experiment, an entity made up purely of totipotent cells. The entity and Kerry Hackett merge together, and something new is born, something that can take any form it wishes. But this new creature still has all the rage that made Kerry snap in the first place.

Shape-changing isn’t a new concept, but I think nobody has ever used it to the full extent when it comes to create new organs, especially new organs for sexual recreation. There’s much sex in the book, most of it rather strange and weird, but AMoT is far from a porn book. Going from prey to hunter, Kerry, despite all her new abilities, still has to deal with all the things that happened to her when she was still vulnerable. And her new abilities aren’t going to help her, since she can only shape her body, not her mind.

The book is all about transformations, mind and body. Kerry has to go through them to find herself again, and to not end as one of the monsters, people like those who hurt her in the first place. One of the flaws of the book IMHO is that the story is mostly told from an outside view, a first person narrative throughout the whole book would have worked much better, helped to get a better feel for her.